A Tent Revival

Often times when traveling Route 66 there would be a large tent set up on the side of the road.  Weary travelers would take the opportunity to stop, listen and be encouraged on their journey.

Today you’re invited to enter a large tent of meeting to hear a well=known preacher speak glorious truths of our God and His Word.  Not only will you be inspired, you may just break out into a good ‘ole Gospel hymn.

Let’s listen in…


“He hath said.”
— Hebrews 13:5

If we can only grasp these words by faith, we have an all-conquering
weapon in our hand. What doubt will not be slain by this two-edged
sword? What fear is there which shall not fall smitten with a deadly
wound before this arrow from the bow of God’s covenant? Will not the
distresses of life and the pangs of death; will not the corruptions
within, and the snares without; will not the trials from above, and the
temptations from beneath, all seem but light afflictions, when we can
hide ourselves beneath the bulwark of “He hath said”? Yes; whether for
delight in our quietude, or for strength in our conflict, “He hath
said” must be our daily resort. And this may teach us the extreme value
of searching the Scriptures. There may be a promise in the Word which
would exactly fit your case, but you may not know of it, and therefore
you miss its comfort. You are like prisoners in a dungeon, and there
may be one key in the bunch which would unlock the door, and you might
be free; but if you will not look for it, you may remain a prisoner
still, though liberty is so near at hand. There may be a potent
medicine in the great pharmacopoeia of Scripture, and you may yet
continue sick unless you will examine and search the Scriptures to
discover what “He hath said.” Should you not, besides reading the
Bible, store your memories richly with the promises of God? You can
recollect the sayings of great men; you treasure up the verses of
renowned poets; ought you not to be profound in your knowledge of the
words of God, so that you may be able to quote them readily when you
would solve a difficulty, or overthrow a doubt? Since “He hath said” is
the source of all wisdom, and the fountain of all comfort, let it dwell
in you richly, as “A well of water, springing up unto everlasting
life.” So shall you grow healthy, strong, and happy in the divine life.

Charles Spurgeon

Carl Stuart Hamblen wrote the following song after experiencing the powerful message of the Gospel through a tent meeting.  The preacher was none other than Billy Graham.  Mr. Hamblen was never the same.  The Gospel changed his life and his music!

Published by Debi Walter

Tom and Debi have been sharing encouragements through their blogs for many years. Marriage, Reading God's Word and documenting family history is our focus. Growing in our relationship with the Lord is primary in all we say, write or do. We are grateful for all who desire to join us in the same endeavors.

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